Belvedere House Estate

Belvedere House Estate

Manorial History & Early History

This is very well covered in Dr Elizabeth Veale’s book Wimbledon’s Belvedere Estate Wimbledon Society Museum Press,  2012 (pages 7 -46) and there is no need to rehash it here.


Belvedere House insurances in RSA archives


The Belvedere Estate Company

Veale’s book devotes little page space to Belvedere Estate Company so it is worth expanding on that here.


Connection of Water main 1901

Conveyance: Southwark and Vauxhall Water Company: from: Belvedere Estate Company Limited

PhD Thesis on Sir Earnest George and his partners – Hillary Joyce Grainger – Leeds University,  1985

No 1 Belvedere Drive – page 568 – entry 162

9 Laurison Road –  page 577 – entry 139