Magdalen Estate & Toast Rack Deeds and Deed Plans @ Magdalen College, Oxford

NB Magdalen College, Oxford Archives are not open access public archive in way that the London Metropolitan Archive, Wandsworth Heritage Service or the Surry History Centre are.

We therefore thank the archivists for the invitation to examine these records in detail.

Mr L’Anson was the president of what is now RIBA as well as running the architectural practice that was developing the college’s London lands.

An area of All Farthing Piece leased to Mr Kynock [undated]

Map of the Wandsworth Estate – dated 1886

All Farthing Piece in 1890 with the roads labelled and houses numbered

Untitled plan of Wandsworth village & fields, c. 240 acres, bounded by Burnt Wood Lane, Garrett Lane, Wandsworth Common. Coloured (to probably show land use, grass or arable). Names of adjacent owners given; houses in block plan. Pencilled marginal notes mentioning Mr. I’Anson

The Magdalen Estate – more generally c1901

CP/8/64 – Summary of register of leases for the Wandsworth Estate (Holloway Bros) (1907–36)

CP/8/66-68 – Register of leases for Wandsworth estate, indexed. (Holloways Properties Ltd)(1901–51; 1907–53; 1922–61)

CP/EL/uncatalogued – Registers of deeds for Wandsworth, c 1869-c 1965